Saturday, August 1, 2015

State Bar Refuses to Allow Squatter to Practice Law Due to Political Views

The California State Bar is refusing to let me become licensed as an attorney because of my efforts squatting houses and helping others find housing. I have completed all other requirements to practice law including passing the Bar Exam. We need to raise awareness of the fact that the State Bar is refusing my application to practice law solely on the basis of my organizing efforts and political views. Please spread this press release around far and wide so we can bring attention to this issue

This is important for many other than myself because there are other students following the same educational path who have histories of political organizing. If the State Bar rejects my application they may continue to reject applications of others who are also committed to environmental and social justice advocacy.

There are enough lawyers for the rich and corporations. We need lawyers who can represent marginalized people and protect the environment. This means we cannot allow the State Bar to reject applicants who have a history of organizing and advocacy on issues relevant to areas in which there exists little representation in the legal profession.


  1. Hello Steven,
    Sorry to hear about the bar. I'd expect that problem is solvable... but might take some time. Congrats on passing the bar, though. I understand many longtime students of large universities don't pass. Good job!

    I would like to contact you and see if you can help me with some info on a possible adverse possession property in San Francisco. I have researched the place exhaustively for 3 years. It will go up for a property tax sale this year and I would like to get it before it does, obviously. Would you be willing to chat or meet for a drink? If I take up your time, I expect to pay you something.
    I am new to bloodspot and haven't figured out how to contact you via email..
    Thank you,

  2. This is wild! Has the problem resolved?

  3. That's NOT what they meant when they coined the phrase 'raising the bar'
    Corruption on too many levels.
    Thanks for fighting the good fight, Steve

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