Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Wish List for My House. Please Donate.

So recently I realized that I'm getting broke fixing up my house and paying all the taxes. I spent pretty much all my savings on repairs, taxes, and city fines.

The city repeatedly cited my house for blight for no apparent reason, other than the fact that we were adverse possessors. At the end of it they claimed I owed thousands of dollars which I was forced to pay. I sued the city to get the money back, but the judge stated I lacked "standing" until I receive a court order declaring my title by adverse possession to be clear. This despite the fact that I have been occupying the property for over a decade.

I'm not going to go on about how the city is wrong or how the ruling in my case is wrong. For more info on how corrupt the City of Oakland is go to the grand jury report on the subject, pages 63 - 98 at the link below:

What my housemates and I have decided is to try to save money by coming up with a list of items that we need for our house that we should keep our eye out for in free boxes, curb sides, craigslist, or wherever.

I should mention that since the city also refuses to let me have a grid tie in for my house much of the list are items necessary to run an off-grid house on 12 volts D.C. current through conventional A.C. wiring and fixtures.

Also, we are having a garden/yard work party on April 13th. Yes, that is Friday the 13th.

If anyone has any of the following items or knows where we can get them for free or super cheap please let me know. My email is

Wish List

1. 2 bathroom sinks
2. anything cool that runs on 12 volts D.C.
3. 12 volt D.C. lighting fixtures
4. 12 volt D.C. to 18 volt D.C. adapter for computer that doesn't convert to A.C. in between
5. wiring, electric plugs, car lighter plugs for wiring our A.C. style plugs which are running on 12 volt D.C. to work with 12volt D.C. appliances.
6. Exterior siding for our 10' by 12' by 10' shack
7. Dry wall plaster
8. a two burner propane stove such as a Coleman
9. food seeds and stuff for sprouting and planting
10. Native plants/Native Vining plants.
11. Willow

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