Thursday, May 5, 2011

Is Arson the New Way that Absentee Landlords Evict Squatters?

Someone burned down the Safehouse by setting a fire in the front stairwell. The fire department said there were people squatting at the time of the fire but that they got out safely. They also went on to say that the fire was not started as a result of any activity by the squatters in the house.

This is the second time someone has tried to burn squatters out of house and home in Oakland. There is something seriously wrong with people who hate squatters so much they are willing to kill, destroy, and put others in jeopardy.

Of course the arsonist will probably blame the squatters by some rationale like, "They made me do it." If anyone out there is willing to blame the squatters who are the victims in this situation it makes me wonder if we have lost our humanity. Housing is a basic human right. Those who think otherwise are bonkers.

OPD Say Cause Of House Fire Suspicious - News Story - KTVU San Francisco

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