Monday, March 6, 2017


An Open Letter Denouncing Anti-Fascist Action Bay Area
(aka Antifa)

Antifa has no place in Oakland because it is a racist, reactionary, reductive, counter-revolutionary, and nihilistic organization that has attacked workers and community members as well as engaged in intimidation increasing police repression against marginalized communities.

I am writing this open letter to demand that Antifa in Oakland disband and to denounce their recent efforts which caused the Oakland Police Department to force the Oakland Metro Operahouse to cancel a recent concert and face increased repression while resisting displacement and gentrification.

Some Background About the Situation

Recently individuals identifying as Anti-Fascist Action Bay Area (aka Antifa, see: circulated a post on social media demanding that the Oakland Metro Operahouse cancel a concert with the band Marduk from Sweden. This and all related posts have since been removed from social media.

I contacted my friends in Sweden who are part of the punk and metal scenes as well as anti-authoritarian organizing. I was informed that Marduk were not Nazis, and that Antifa was misinformed. I shared this information with Antifa and asked them to discontinue their campaign. I received no response.

Antifa member gloats about police cancellation
In their post Antifa made a call to action threatening to shut down the show by force if the Oakland Metro Operahouse refused to comply with Antifa’s demands.

Members of Antifa were aware that law enforcement was monitoring social media. Prior to Antifa’s actions The Oakland Metro Operahouse had been subject to harassment by city officials looking for an excuse to shut down the venue as part of an effort to gentrify the Jack London Warehouse district.

The Oakland Police Department denied the permit for the concert citing the threat of violence in light of the recent protests at U.C. Berkeley against Milo Yiannopoulis.

My Background

I am Lebanese-American, a social justice organizer, and a musician in the punk and heavy metal scenes. In the late 80s the Nazi-skin/neo-Nazi scene was growing and increasing numbers of Nazis came out to punk shows. My friends and I were attacked by Nazis during this time, and the relative safety we found in the punk scene was disappearing. 

One day I confronted the Nazis and about a dozen Nazis violently attacked me as other punks stood by and watched. After that the punks mobilized to run the Nazis out of the shows. Eventually the Nazis were driven out of the scene. Similar situations like this were occurring across the U.S.

I moved to Oakland in 1997 and soon began organizing with the October 22 Coalition to Stop Police Brutality, Repression, and the Criminalization of a Generation working with family members of those killed by law enforcement. When reaching out to Anarchists I was often told that they only wanted to work with other anarchists thus precluding them from working with marginalized communities.

I found more success finding allies in the punk and metal scenes which were more racially diverse and less dogmatic about political ideology. 

I am also a musician who has played numerous shows at the Oakland Metro Operahouse. 

Antifa Caused Law Enforcement to Target Marginalized Communities

Founded in 2001 the Oakland Metro Operahouse has its roots in the punk D.I.Y. tradition and is unique in Oakland because it emphasizes outsider artists. This is particularly relevant to marginalized communities which are underserved by other venues. 

Because of this the Oakland Metro Operahouse has been targeted for harassment by real estate speculators and city officials looking to gentrify the Jack London Square neighborhood where the Oakland Metro Operahouse is located. 

Threats against the Oakland Metro Operahouse by Antifa were posted on the internet while the permit for the Marduk show was pending. This provided the Oakland Police Department the opportunity to deny the permit for the show. Because of this the Oakland Metro Operahouse is facing increased police repression moving forward.

I have been informed by Antifa that they had no plans to carry out any direct action and that their members were aware that law enforcement was monitoring their communications. Accordingly, Antifa was aware that their threats would result in a response by law enforcement.

This cavalier attitude is an example of privilege and entitlement common among activists who do not personally experience police repression and engage in activities that put marginalized people at risk. Antifa has the privilege of making anonymous threats while it is the Oakland Metro Operahouse, their employees, and the communities they serve who are put at risk.

I attempted to arrange a meeting between members of Antifa and the founders of the Oakland Metro Operahouse to de-escalate the police repression caused by their actions. Antifa was unwilling to meet or consider our proposals. 

Antifa Is Racist

German Antifa Logo
Antifa is a movement that was resurrected in the 1980s in Germany from an older group that was active prior to World War II. The original name Antifaschistische Aktion was shortened to Antifa and the logos of the red and black flags in a circle were adopted.

In 1999 I was in Hannover and saw the band Dir Yassin perform. Dir Yassin was an Israeli band involved with organizing against mandatory military conscription in Israel and was critical of Zionism. I was informed by one of the organizers of the show that Antifa considers any band that criticizes Israel to be anti-Semitic which Antifa considers equivalent to fascism. Because Dir Yassin was comprised of Israeli Jews I was told that they were the only band that would not be attacked by Antifa in Germany for criticizing Israel.

Dir Yassin Album Art
Later I learned that Antifa protests often include activists waving Israeli flags and carrying Zionist banners. 

As a Lebanese-American I have always felt connected with the struggle of the Palestinian people. I believe that the liberation of the Palestinian people is inextricably tied to the liberation of all people of color in the world. Like many other Arabs I feel unwelcome within movements that embrace Zionism.  

Based on a number of experiences I have come to realize that racism against West Asians is pervasive within the radical left in Germany in which Antifa originated. Antifa in Germany does not fight racism. They claim to fight fascism and “anti-Semitism” which they define to include any criticism of the state of Israel. They do not hold a position against fascism in other countries, and they do not fight discrimination against people of color. In fact, by allowing Israeli flags and Zionist banners at their actions Antifa in Germany is making it known that West Asians are not welcome.

On Bay Area Antifa’s Facebook page they post frequently from the website (aka IGD) which is an insurrectionary anarchist website advocating the formation of Antifa chapters across the U.S. IGD is encouraging anarchists to form Antifa chapters and proclaim themselves “allies” of marginalized people and claim leadership for themselves rather than work directly as true allies. IGD’s motto is “Choosing Sides Getting Organized”. Accordingly, IGD and Antifa are “choosing sides” supporting Israel’s occupation of Palestine. 

Antifa Zionists in Germany
This foisting of a racist Zionist organization upon movements emerging in response to the election of Donald Trump is reminiscent of infiltration of movements by agent provocateurs such as COINTELPRO. Antifa’s parent organization in Germany supports the occupation of Palestine which is interconnected to a larger foreign policy by the U.S. and its allies to invade and occupy lands in West Asia. We should not let our movements be infiltrated and coopted by organizations supporting U.S. military aggression.

For its part, Bay Area Antifa is perpetuating the anarchist pattern of claiming leadership on issues affecting marginalized people while simultaneously excluding marginalized people from their efforts. This is particularly true in Oakland where anarchists are commonly viewed as outsiders by historic organizers. 

The actions of Bay Area Antifa are hostile to people of color in Oakland. Not only did Antifa’s actions increase repression by the Oakland Police Department, but Antifa also falsely asserted that white supremacists are welcome at the Oakland Metro Operahouse. Prior to Antifa’s campaign white supremacists were largely unaware of Marduk whose audience does not historically include white supremacists. However, in recent concerts targeted by Antifa in other cities there has been an increase in attendance by racists. Many of the people attending shows at the Oakland Metro Operahouse are people of color including immigrants whose safety is placed at risk by conflicts with white supremacists attending events. This is particularly true at heavy metal concerts that draw a large Latinx audience.

Anitfa is Reactionary, Reductive, and Counter-Revolutionary

By its very nature Antifa defines itself by what it stands against and not by what it stands for. Antifa’s ongoing relevance necessitates the ongoing existence of fascists.

As self-identified Nazi organizing declined in the 1990s Antifa became obsessed with heavy metal. This was because a convicted murderer who had been part of the metal scene in Norway self-identified as a Nazi in the mid-90s. Antifa embraced the reductive and reactionary position of opposing any metal band with any tenuous connection to that individual or any content that could be construed as symbolizing Nazi sympathies. Because of this Antifa has erroneously targeted numerous heavy metal groups.

Also, it is counter-revolutionary for an organization that was imported from Germany, which excludes people of color, and exists primarily on the internet to assume leadership over historic grassroots organizing by marginalized people here in the U.S.; and divert those organizing efforts to engage in an obsession attacking obscure heavy metal bands with allegations of racism based on conjecture.

Antifa Attacked Workers and Allies

In their campaign Antifa contacted anyone involved with the Oakland Metro Operahouse; spamming them with messages claiming that Marduk were Nazis and demanding that people cancel the show. Many of the people contacted by Antifa were employees of the Oakland Metro Operahouse who were not involved with booking and their friends. Individuals who voiced skepticism about Antifa’s claims had their names and photos posted online by Antifa who claimed that they were Nazi sympathizers.

Beyond targeting those who disagreed with them, Antifa also demanded that others withdraw support from the Oakland Metro Operahouse. The Bay Area Anarchist Book Fair canceled their event on the same day that Antifa began making these threats. The Bay Area Anarchist Book Fair has not yet publicly explained if they canceled due to threats by Antifa.

Antifa Out of Oakland

I ask members of Antifa to stop organizing under that name and engage in self-reflection on how to be better allies to historic movements led by marginalized people.

I ask that Antifa make a public statement disavowing their online threats and make assurances that they will not attack the Oakland Metro Operahouse so that the Oakland Police Department will no longer be able to use Antifa as an excuse for harassment.

I ask Antifa to remove any postings identifying employees of the Oakland Metro Operahouse or community members who disagreed with them.

I ask that anyone or any group that withdrew support due to demands by Antifa resume their support of the Oakland Metro Operahouse including the Bay Area Anarchist Book Fair.

I ask everyone in Oakland to support the Oakland Metro Operahouse as it fights to survive against the forces of gentrification.

Steven DeCaprio
March 6, 2017


  1. Hi Steve,

    The Israel issue on Germany is a complicated one that has split the left there. I can guarantee you, though, that most, if not all, antifa groups in the US take a different position on Israel than those you met in Germany. ANTIFA is a loose coalition with no set positions or tactics other than opposing fascism.

    1. He's confusing Antifa with the antideutsche movement

    2. the title was "antifa fuck off", could be "beware of fascists among the anti fascists for they will take your movement away". a lot of this Article was facts. there are those in antifa that are like that. most just want to be antifascist but when the big homies preach hate and intolerance the stuff described in the article happen.

  2. Awesome. Thank you for articulating this. Also, the Unites States police state carries fascist tendencies, that uphold the state and protect corporate interests. ANTIFA using the police, while claiming they're anarchists and against fascism, is the most ironic thing I can imagine in 2017.

    1. To be clear, antifa did not "use the police". The police got involved because they thought antifa would disrupt the show. That's like blaming demonstrators for having a demonstration and cops coming.

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. Bullshit. Antifa was well aware it would get them the media attention, which brings the police, that they crave. These are all thought out tactics. Quit playing dumb, if you're even playing.

  3. This is so ridiculous. Antifa in no way supports Israel, nor claims criticism of Israel is antisemitic. That's the "antideutsche" movement. Do your damn research, dude. This is horribly written, liberal sounding nonsense.

  4. I got into a fb article re this bullshit. Gonna just copy and paste my comments from there:


    " -As a self described long time organizer who took it upon himself to write a history of antifa, why does this guy think antifa in the Bay Area is an organization that is capable of making statements, negotiating, or apologizing for things, and why does he think he's been in communication with them
    -How is some warehouse that does pro wrestling events and metal shows a 'marginalized community.'
    -On what planet does

    "If Antifa want to stop concert, and post about it on social media
    and Antifa are aware that cops watch social media
    then Antifa are in cahoots with the police"

    make sense."


    " I'm getting more and more interested in what these "marginalized groups" everyone keeps mentioning are, and how the Oakland Metro Operahouse is serving them.

    Because I'm pretty sure they're not black or brown communities. I went to the front page for the Oakland Metro Operahouse,, and I wanted to see how many black and brown artists they had booked to play in the mext few months. I Googled every single band on every event on their website, and it turns out the answer is fucking 0. I mean maybe I missed someone, or was unfair to someone who is white passing, but I'm pretty sure the answer is zero.

    Or maybe I accidentally clicked on their whites only events page. Is there a calendar that includes people of color?"

    1. I wondered the same:
      ANTIFA isn't a club that has meetings or anything. How does one expect to hold every person taking anti fascist action in the Bay Area accountable for the individuals who outted Marduk. Did he drop the letter off to their office? Their POBox? Their official email?

  5. I understand wanting to reach out to Swedish punks for perspective on Marduk, but you could have just looked up the band's own lyrics, statements, or even album covers to see they are cryptofascist af.
    They aren't trying to hide it.

    I am sure those still naive about current wave of fascism might argue that their Nazi references and symbolism is for "shock value" or "just an historical account".
    But that shit isn't cute anymore.
    Lets pretend the band truly isn't intentionally promoting fascism (despite members expressing pride in their family's role in Nazi German)....
    Do you really think neo nazis *weren't* going to show up to that concert to get pumped on the glorification of fascism?

    And while cops would be as much a threat to some folks as fascists are, couldn't we do better to avoid inviting explicit threats into our communities in the first place?

    And avoid this nonsense entirely?

  6. Biggest lot of crap I've read yet.

  7. So he is a long time organizer with ties to Oakland, and sees Antifa as a racist group that is destroying marginalized communities, yet never spoke out against them until they got a concert he wanted to see cancelled?